Monday, January 23, 2012

These lyrics...

... are beautiful if you can hear them! :)

You want me to stop modify the videoplayer width and height?

This looks better on a widescreen:

I dunno 'bout you? :)
Have a nice day, I have a headache :)

By the way.. do you think Skrillex is making good music I don't really think so..
So many are saying
"oh god I love dubstep so much"
"what is your favourite track then?"
"first of the year by Skrillex"


  1. Widescreen sure, but I'm not on a widescreen - my battlestation sucks, remember?

    And ooooooh shit, Skrillex. Now, I'll admit - before I came to yer blog, I'm the guy on the Internet posting "LOL WUBWUBWUB SHITSUX" 'bout dubstep.

    Then I came to this blog, and have even ventured out a coupla times on my own to listen to dubstep stuffs (at least the stuff that's still closer to techno and electronica than anything), and while I'm STILL that guy who says "LOL WUBWUB" I only do it when the fandom is being annoying in the commentary.

    On the other hand, Skrillex just strikes me as being bad. (PREPARE YOUR HATE!) There's no showmanship in comparison to say, Deadmau5 or, hell, even some europop DJ...ANY europop DJ...(OKAY END YOUR HATE LOL IT'LL NEVER HATE UNTIL TOMORROW), I mean all he does is press Play and complain about his skin issues on the internuggets.

    Deadmau5 was on Epic Meal Time.

    G'wan, go ahead and guess if I like Skrillex or not.

    Anyway, naw, he's a friggin' wanker and I his fanbase are the same idjits who honestly think crunkcore is a musical subgenre...or music at all.

  2. Ok then I'll keep the 4:3 format just for you, atleast sometimes


    No hate found from me there I don't like Skrillex and my guess is that you don't like him either.

    Yeh, lol crunkcore is the worst shit you can find on the interwebs, it really is not music!