Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Some regular

I do not post very much "regular" dubstep do I? Nah I don't ^^
I friend of me suggested me to post this one and I think it is really good.
"LOL WUBWUB" maybe?

I dunno, I really like the old dubstep more than the new ones..
I mean Burial, Skream and such..
That is mostly a bunch of nice tunes.. not all treble and some bass here and there.. 
Some pure WUBWUBWUB is what I am talking 'bout.. :)


  1. Yeah, you should post some SERIOUS WubWub sometime.

    Like Wubstep so hard it starts with a WUB and ends with a WUB.

    Hardcore Wubcore.

    Tell your friend they got good taste, this is a sweet song, yo!

  2. "Hardcore Wubcore"
    I'll see what I can find!