Saturday, March 17, 2012


I really don't know, this generation of kids today.. try to find a kid today over 12 years that is a virgin, never drinks alcohol and does not smoke.. WOW THAT IS HARD.. 
Not exactly but I don't think the planet should be saved for future generation.. We need to save our future generations first.. seriously


  1. Y'know, I find it interesting that anyone even takes a moment to think about the lost future generation anymore.

    The recent couple of generations really let things down, y'know? They failed us, and they failed the future. You can't blame every individual from the past couple of generations, but it's undeniable that the kind of bullshit that is going on right now wasn't there a mere forty or fifty years ago.

    ...sorry, I almost started seriously rambling there. >XD That's only the tip of the iceberg too~!

    1. Well yea kids were much more polite and such a few years ago.
      Please ramble, I'd love some reading! ;)