Thursday, January 19, 2012

Love indeed

If the love is real the pain will be unbearable.
Just as a warning to those who tries it.
It is a wonderful drug as long as it lasts.
But the hangover sucks ass.


  1. Just got yer comment on this very same subject, bro.

    A couple of sad fucks are we, eh?

    Bah. Get some good music in you, stay warm, watch some funny videos on the Internets and get yer spine back up.

    And yeah, you have a definite point there about the hangover. They need to make a clinic for post-relationship fallout syndrome or some shit.

    It'd be a spa combined with a sports bar where delicious masseuses offer complementary rubdowns and the seedier ones offer happy endings.

    ...I should really get that patented or somethin'. :/

  2. Sad fucks indeed.

    You should make a business out of that idea bro.

    Hey, trust me I've been listening to more music than I've ever been listening to before..
    Well nice to hear from you again, even if the circumstances could have been better..


  3. Meh, we'll talk under better conditions. Things always get better with time, like an open wound - after awhile it'll just sting a bit.

  4. Exactly my thought, everything heals over time. But the time it takes depends on the type of wound we are given.