Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First day of blog

First day of my little dubstep blog... I am a swedish guy who loves dubstep :D

Will post some dubstep music from youtube and soundcloud whenever I can and I will start with the first dubstep song I ever heard :) Still being one of my favourites!


  1. Tek-one is good, have you listened to Higher & Higher's Tek-one version?

  2. No I haven't, but I will now :) Thank you very much for the tip :)

  3. aweesome, i don't know a lot 'bout dubstep
    -Listened to too much amateur lame mixes-
    But this one's really cool

    Show me moree

  4. Yeh I'll try to post 4-7 times a week with a new video or one of my old favorites :)
    You guys are also welcome to post some dubstep or psytrance in comments :) that would be pretty awesome :D