Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dubstep Violence..

Found this today... All I can say is: yeah, dubstep is some serious stuff.. don't get into that, it might get you harmed.
Check this article.

The video is pretty cool though, never seen it before :)
Here it is:

And ofcourse this track to listen to too!

Tjinixen!! (Goodbye!! in Swedish)


  1. Okay, THAT was a sickeningly entertaining video!!! I barely even like friggin' dubstep, those visuals were straight up friggin' Daft Punk yo~!

    I'm just sayin', that shit was maaaajor badass and rather creative as well!

  2. Yeh, the effects is really awesome! :D
    happy to find something that can entertain people :)

  3. Yay MikeDiva and Corridordigital ! :D

  4. Good Article, nice post.

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